Who we are?

BCSports.TV is a diverse group of technically skilled sport fanatics on a mission to help organizations with fan engagement through video and live-streaming. We’re here to help bridge the gap between in-person gatherings and online media possibilities. You can now reach more viewers than ever before and offer your sponsors forms of advertising. 
BCSports.TV is located here, based in Beautiful British Columbia we are the premiere sports video service in the Province. From youth practice to college recruiting events, from gymnastics to semi-pro full contact, we have the equipment and the experience to make your event a success. 

Covid has been tough on everyone but particularly tough on organizations and events who rely on in person attendance in such places as arenas, theatres and other venues. Limited in-person capacity doesn’t mean you can't continue to generate revenue from your audience. In fact, with BCSports.TV, you can sell well above the capacity limit of your venue!

What we do? 

BCSports.TV is a full service sports media company. From practice at a local sports field to on-site multi-camera live broadcasting through our pay-per-view platform with graphic overlays (scoreboard, time, commercials, and sponsors logos), interviews, replays, and highlights. We love sports and can create a media package that works for you. 
We offer a full range of services and solutions to get your action to everyone who wants to watch it, no matter their location. 
➢ We offer multiple monetization options. Do you want to sell a single video? Or let people subscribe to the whole season? How about running custom ads during an event? We can do it!
➢ We help you grow your audience with less effort! We can provide reliable & scalable high-quality streams to unlimited amount of viewers without necessary subscription upgrades or any other annoying limitations. No expensive hardware needed! 
➢ Offering your event on our platform allows you to collect revenue regardless of your audiences' location. 
➢ We can create a custom landing page for your event, team, club, or league to build a media library that matches your organization needs and branding. 
➢ We give you a custom link to promote and sell tickets to your event.
➢ BCSports.TV provides experienced production crew to stream your event (if required) or the freedom to use your own production team .
➢ Tracking and collection of ticket sales and payments have never been easier. We can provide daily, weekly, or monthly reports on ticket sales and analytics on your viewers in tremendous detail. 
➢ We give you the option to add a countdown timer or custom thumbnails to build excitement leading up to your event and allow people to see where and how they will view your event before we go live. 
➢ Allow your viewers to view your events on their schedule, we can provide you the ability to convert your live stream to video on demand immediately after they are finished.  

The benefits of BCSports.TV

With BCSportsTV, you have a live and on-demand library of your events available at your viewers fingertips, and your sponsors on your content. 
If you choose to charge your audience, our end-to-end PPV solution handles the entire payment process. We instantly accept credit cards payments and payout based on a pre-arranged schedule. 
We are partners and we are here for you!
& many more...